Spider-Man reboot casts Zendaya in a major role

Zendaya has been cast in a ‘major role’ in the Spider-Man reboot

The Spider-Man reboot is finally starting to come together: singer and Shake It Up actress Zendaya has been cast in a major role.

According to Deadline, Zendaya “landed a key role in the ensemble they are building around [Peter Parker actor] Tom Holland”.

At the moment, there are very few details available about her role in the film, except for that she’ll be playing a character called Michelle. Obviously, with Marvel and Sony being the way they are, ‘Michelle’ could well be a temporary pseudonym.

It’s unclear whether or not Zendaya will be playing Peter’s love interest, but it seems likely that her character will be a schoolmate of his given their similar ages.

Also joining Holland and Zendaya in the film is Maurisa Tomei (The Wrestler, Empire), who was confirmed to be playing Peter’s Aunt May last year.

The Spider-Man reboot is due to hit UK cinemas on 28 July 2017. Get all the latest superhero movie news with every issue of SciFiNow.