Ronald D Moore on the Outlander TV series

“Outlander will unfold like a novel with great cliff-hangers,” says Battlestar Galactica’s Ronald D Moore

Writer Ronald D Moore is best known for his adventures in space with Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Battlestar Galactica and Roswell to his name, but now he’s taking on time-travel. He’s developing Outlander, a series adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s 20-million book selling saga for US network Starz.

It’s about Claire, an English and married WWII nurse who’s sent back in time to 18th Century Scottish clan life. There, she’s forced to marry Jamie, a romantic young warrior who tears her heart in two, metaphorically speaking. Moore tells us what attracted him to the project: “The books came to me from my wife and from my producing partner Maril (Davis),” he tells SciFiNow. “They have a tremendous story at their heart, and the historical detail is astounding. It’s a fantasy adventure with a really strong and interesting romance at the heart of it. The characters are wonderful and I love the period, it all just came together when I started to read the novels.”

Outlander is seven books strong, with an eighth novel due in autumn 2013. There is a spin-off series, a graphic novel, and companion pieces too, which will give Moore plenty of material to draw from. “It’s perfect for television,” he confirms, “it will unfold like a novel with one chapter moving you onto the next, with great cliff-hangers. I hope it will make a great series.” No word on casting yet, but readers are enjoying the speculation, as Moore continues, “Just Google ‘Clair and Jamie’ and there are hundreds of fan videos with plenty of casting suggestions!”