Leonardo DiCaprio to produce The Shining Girls TV series

DiCaprio buys rights to Lauren Beukes’ latest novel The Shining Girls

Shining GirlsLauren Beukes’ time-travelling serial killer novel The Shining Girls is set to become a TV series, thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Inception star bought the rights to Beukes’ novel via his Appian Way Production company with MCR, and are looking to adapt the novel for television.

The book tells the story of Harper, a serial killer in 1932 Chicago who finds a house that lets him travel to various points in history, and to kill women of talent and potential. Kirby, the one girl who got away, is an intern at a Chicago paper in 1992, attempting to find the man who nearly killed her. As Harper jumps in and out of history, Kirby starts to realise that she’s not dealing with an ordinary monster.

You can read our review of The Shining Girls here, and buy it for £8.96 at Amazon.co.uk.