JJ Abrams’ Revolution bags best drama debut since Bionic Woman

Revolution showrunner and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke tells us why the show will stand out.

The JJ Abrams-produced drama premiered to 12.8 million viewers in the US, making it the best NBC drama debut since Bionic Woman. The new series is set in a post-apocalyptic future where electricity has been wiped from the Earth. Public order has collapsed, and now areas are ruled by warlords and militias.

It’s an interesting concept, dreamt up by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. He tells us, “We think we have stumbled onto a really compelling ‘What if?’ – this wasn’t caused by nuclear war or disease or zombies – it’s just the power going off. Is anyone ever more frustrated than when their computer freezes up? And we are dangerously separated from our food and water supplies. I think everyone feels in their animal instincts that we are over-reliant on this technology, so I think everyone can picture themselves in this world. What would they do? How would they survive?”

The series focuses on the Matheson family, who have an item that could be key to finding out what caused this phenomenon to occur.  “It’s a big, epic quest, with swords, good and evil, heroes and villains,” Kripke adds, assuring us that unlike some shows that kick off with so much potential and then peter out, Revolution definitely has plans. “I can promise you we have answers and that the mythology will move forward at an aggressive pace,” he says. “We’ll give you answers and then ask more questions. It will be a rollicking, ass-kicking ride.”