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Being Human Series 5: The bromance is back on!

Being Human’s Michael Socha reveals what’s in store for Tom in series 5

The bromance is back on!

Hal and Tom had some hilarious scenes last series in the café, competing for a girl’s phone number and dealing with customers. This year sees a change of scenery – the boys have landed new jobs in a rundown seaside hotel – but the bromance is intact! There is an employee of the month competition and even a food fight to look forward to. This time, however, Hal’s in charge. “I’m the Ass Man of the hotel!” declares Socha. “I think I was the manager of the café, I knew a thing or two and I was the man who could, but this time Hal is the real man rather than the Ass Man.” 

Tom hits puberty

He may be a grown man but, bless him, Tom is a little naive thanks to his upbringing in the woods by adoptive father Tom McNair. Socha thinks he’s matured, however: “This is Tom’s adulthood. He’s got to the point where he’s still a bit clueless in some aspects of life but overall he’s nearly there with normality and society. He’s grown up a lot more and reached his equivalent to a 16 or 17 year old.” 

Mighty Boosh meets Being Human

The Mighty Boosh star Julian Barratt is guest starring in the show as Bobby, a man who Tom actually takes care of. “He’s got a lot of responsibility this time around, he’s got someone who looks up to him and takes his advice,” he says, “and Tom lies to him about being engaged to Vanessa Mae and he’s got a commonwealth medal in the discuss, but it’s really sweet. He’s called Bobby and he’s lived in an underground archive for 33 years. He takes a parental role and he loves it.”

BBC Three premieres Being Human’s fifth series on Sunday, February 3 at 10pm.