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Top 50 Greatest Gaming Moments is a win for sci-fi, fantasy and horror, but where are all the Star Wars games?

Greatest Gaming Moments

Greatest Gaming MomentsGeeks rejoice, sci-fi, fantasy and horror scores heavy in the Top 50 Greatest Gaming Moments courtesy of our sister site

Covering the landmark moments in gaming history there’s plenty to delight genre fans, from the Event Horizon-like scares of Dead Space 2, and the Lovecraftian terror of Resident Evil 4 (basically the tie-in game for Brian Yuzna’s Dagon), to the space age warfare of Halo and luscious expansion of George Lucas’ Star Wars universe in Knights Of The Old Republic – amazingly the only entry from the franchise.

Best of all, accompanying many of the entries are quotes from the developer responsible, with the likes of Naughty Dog, Telltale Games, Epic Games, Sony Santa Monica, Hideo Kojima and Infinity Ward all contributing.

Check out the Top 50 Greatest Gaming Moments now – and have your say in the comments section. What’s missing? What doesn’t deserve its entry? And should there be more than the one Star Wars game on show?