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Top 5 best science fiction and fantasy books of 2012

Peter F Hamilton, Ken MacLeod and Joe Abercrombie in the best SF and fantasy of 2012

Empire State book of 2012

Empire State book of 2012

1. Empire State
Author: Adam Christopher
Publisher: Angry Robot

The smoky bars and ceiling fan intrigue of Raymond Chandler meets the neurotic, beer-gut superheroics of Alan Moore at his height (as opposed to his post-From Hell esotericism), Adam Christopher’s genre-merging debut swept skyward seemingly from nowhere, its cape trailing in the wind, and brought with it an incredible sense of wonder.

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2. The Game Is Altered
Author: Mez Packer
Publisher: Tindal Street

The Game Is Altered is a beautiful, energetically written collection of fiercely contemporary ideas, neatly packaged like an MTV indent into a post-cyberpunk soap opera of a boy looking for love and escape in a vast, immersive MMO.

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Red Country book of 2012

3. Red Country
Author: Joe Abercrombie
Publisher: Gollancz

Our favourite writer of gritty fantasy (and last year’s winner) finds a vicious commonality between the spaghetti western and the bloody-knuckled fantasy he does so well. While others build on cliché, Abercrombie applies genuine love.

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The Great North Road book of 2012

4. The Great North Road
Author: Peter F Hamilton
Publisher: Macmillan

Just one of the many triumphant returns from undisputed powerhouses of progressive science fiction, Great North Road was the prolific space opera pioneer at his standalone, blockbuster best.

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Intrusion book of 2012

5. Intrusion
Author: Ken MacLeod
Publisher: Orbit

Like the mischievous leftie he is, MacLeod’s Intrusion was a convincing right wing paranoid fantasy of compassionate tyranny and social justice gone sour. Without doubt
one of the most politically relevant SF books of 2012.

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