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Top 5 best comics and graphic novels of 2012

Saga, The Defenders, Batman: Earth One and more in our 5 favourite comics of 2012

1. Saga (Image)
Writer: Brian K Vaughan
Artist: Fiona Staples

Vaughan returned with a sci-fi hit literally a lifetime in gestation, half-childhood daydreams and half Return To Oz-style clockpunk weirdness meets the cosmic, world-rocking storytelling of Star Wars.

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2. The Manhattan Projects (Image)
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Nick Pitarra

A many-layered tale of a macabre alternate Manhattan Project in which a deranged gang of scientists instead pursue even more destructive ends, crossing between worlds and gunning down aliens.

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3. The Defenders (Marvel)
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Terry Dodson

An oddball metaphysical romp in which Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Red She-Hulk, Silver Surfer and Namor – and later Nick Fury, Ant Man and Black Cat – “protect humanity from the impossible”. It was too left-field to live, it seems.

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4. Batman: Earth One (DC)
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank

Johns and Frank’s bespoke graphic novel subtly reimagined the Dark Knight detective as a flawed and ultimately human vigilante. It’s a refreshing respite from the all-knowing super-genius who builds Bat-robots and stares down gods.

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5. Fatale (Image)
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Sean Phillips

Coming off the back of a number of noir titles from Brubaker and Phillips, Fatale lulled us into a false sense of security with a writer, a secret, a femme fatale, a faded starlet and other tropes before unexpectedly opening a box of Lovecraftian horror.

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