Top 10 Sci-Fi and Horror Remakes

Not all remakes are bad…

The Fly 1958 vs The Fly 1986
Before Jeff Goldblum freaked us all out with the Brundlefly body horror in 1986, the Fly was a 1958 sci-fi gem starring the great Vincent Price and David Hedison as the scientist fooling around with a transporter device that will have grave consequences for him (and the fly). Cronenberg’s masterpiece, a stunningly visual and grotesque metaphor of the 1980s AIDs epidemic, effectively brought all the ingredients to a modern audience, complete with state of the art special effects. However he did leave out one of the most disturbing endings of all time.

King Kong 1933 vs King Kong 2005
Everyone knows the story of the big gorilla from Skull Island, but it took Peter Jackson (let’s forget about the 1976 version produced by Dino de Laurentis and starring Jeff Bridges, shall we) to fully embrace 21st century technology, and create a breathtaking homage to the original. Andy Serkis’ motion captured movements remain iconic, plus you get a real impression and feel of the 1930s. So why didn’t Peter Jackson transport the action to the 21st century? It was because King Kong would have been shot down too easily with missile drones, duh. His words not ours.