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Top 10 Sci-Fi and Horror Remakes

Not all remakes are bad…

With Hollywood seemingly cramming remake after remake down our throats, we could be mistaken into thinking that this is a new phenomenon. But in reality they have been at it for years! Some of our most favourite films are remakes, and deservedly remain a classic in its own right. But what are the top ten sci-fi and horror remakes, plus the original films that are worth a look. (We draw the line at the upcoming remakes of Total Recall and Blade Runner).

Dawn of the Dead 1978 vs Dawn of the Dead 2004
Being given the task of reimagining the Zombie Godfather, George Romero classic, Dawn of the Dead must have been a daunting task for Zack Synder (300) , but by pumping the gore up to 11 he managed to lovingly create a clever undead Armageddon for our times. Sadly, though, in Synder’s version there is no zombie Hare Krisha in the mall.

Cat People 1942 vs Cat People 1982
This early film was way ahead of its time with a Kafkaesque tale of desire and metamorphosis into panthers. A heated 80’s version was directed by Paul Schrader, with an amazing soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder and David Bowie (worth a look for this alone) and with lots of ahem, rude scenes, with Natasha Kinski turning into a panther.