Top 10 Missing Moments From The Harry Potter Films

We count down our favourite moments from the Harry Potter books that are not in the films

To celebrate Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them hitting the cinemas, we count down our favourite moments from the Harry Potter books not in the films.

As massive Harry Potter fans, we’re always on the Internet looking into fan theories and discussing what bits and pieces from the books we missed the most, with Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them hitting cinemas this weekend, we decided it was time we gave our ten cents on the matter. Here are our favourite book details that were shamefully missing from the movies:


Hermione asking Ron to the Slug Club Christmas party

This is the true start of Harry Potter and the Third Wheel, when we see Hermione asking Ron to the Slug Club Christmas party through Harry’s eyes. He knows this is the beginning of the end, and that this was bound to happen eventually. Harry being mega awkward about his two best friends is one of the biggest highlights of the sixth book. And Ron eating his words about the Slug Club when Hermione tells him she was going to ask him is brilliant. Seeing any of their interactions through Harry’s perspective is always amusing, especially the moment in Deathly Hallows when they finally kiss after years of UST, and he keeps expecting to turn around to see them making out instead of helping him save the day.



Ron phoning the Dursleys and the Weasleys sending a letter covered in stamps

Something the films are guilty of more regularly than most other details is overlooking the fact that the wizards suck at muggle things. We remember laughing out loud when Ron phoned the Dursley’s during the beginning of Prisoner Of Azkaban to ask whether Harry can come to stay. Instead of talking like a normal muggle, Ron believes he has to shout down the phone in order to be heard, and it would have made a brilliant little aside. Similarly, in the beginning of Goblet Of Fire when the Weasley’s wish to invite Harry to the Quidditch World Cup, they send a letter absolutely covered in stamps rather than by owl. Where were these gaffs in the films?!



Sirius Black living in a cave with Buckbeak in Goblet Of Fire

Sirius Black is one of our favourite characters, but from the films you really don’t get a sense as for why he’s so awesome. You don’t know that he hid in a cave for basically a year as a wanted man so that he could be close by to Harry if he was in danger. He lived in that cave with Buckbeak, who was never mentioned again after he flew off with Sirius at the end of the Prisoner Of Azkaban film. You didn’t understand from the films why Harry felt so connected to Sirius. He was his godfather, but you never got to understand why James and Lily bestowed that honour on Sirius before he died. So Sirius appearing in the fire place that one time in the movie just didn’t do it for us. We want to see him living in that cave, being visited by Harry and eating chicken from the carcass.



Harry giving Fred and George his winnings to open their shop

It’s a well-known fact that the Weasley family are broke, so how on Earth did they manage to open their own joke shop? That’s not cheap! Well, in the books, Harry (who is hella rich) gives his winnings from the Triwizard Tournament (1,000 galleons) to the twins, so they can open their joke shop, so when they take off during Order Of The Phoenix, they have the funds to start their business. We also really wanted to see the swamp they left behind, too.



Recognising why Ron got upset during Goblet of Fire 

There was a lot wrong with the portrayal of Ron in the movies, rather than truly explain his motives and reasons behind everything he did, they merely made him the comic relief. Instead of standing up to Snape for Hermione, in the movies he agrees with him. That’s not what Ron would do. In Goblet Of Fire, we see a humorous back and forth with Ron telling Harry about the dragons (via every other person), but the reality of it was Hermione explains to Harry why Ron is acting the way he is. He has always been overshadowed by his brothers (and younger sister), and now his best friend, too. Ron sees himself achieving in the Mirror of Erised, achieving all the things his brothers before him have done in order to get noticed by his parents.



Lupin coming to Grimmald Place/Shell Cottage

We understand that they had a lot to cover in the last two films, but they massively overlooked Lupin’s story arc after Prisoner Of Azkaban, his relationship with Tonks comes out of absolutely nowhere and then they die, and that seems to be about it, really. What we really wanted to see was Lupin appearing at Grimmald Place in his attempt to come and ‘help’ the trio on their quest to find the horcruxes, as it is, Harry puts him in his place and tells him to go home, his wife is expecting a child and he isn’t about to let him grow up without a father (the foreshadowing pains us!). Later Lupin appears at Shell Cottage to inform them of Teddy’s birth. Teddy in general just seems to be ignored in the films.



“Have a biscuit, Potter.”

During Order Of The Phoenix McGonagall’s rebellion against Umbridge is shown a couple of times, but they do miss out some key moments. The absolute best one is McGonagall, under the pretence of telling Harry off, is asking him about his calling Umbridge a liar in front of the class. Expecting to be in trouble, it’s safe to say that Harry is shocked when she offers him a biscuit instead. Team Minerva McGonagall forever. You can see the full depiction of this scene by Tumblr user annemariehowlett.



“I don’t think you’re a waste of space.” 

Although this scene was actually filmed for the first part of Deathly Hallows, we will forever be embittered that we didn’t get to see Dudley Dursley attempting to redeem himself. When Harry returned to 4 Privet Drive, Dudley attempts a couple of times to reconcile with his cousin, whom he realises he has mistreated over the years, and is now trying desperately to protect him from the Death Eaters. He puts a cup of tea by Harry’s door on one occasion, and one their final farewell tells Harry, “I don’t think you’re a waste of space… you saved my life.” While it might not make up for the years of torment and bullying, it’s certainly a start.



Alice Longbottom gives Neville a sweet wrapper

In Order Of The Phoenix the Hogwarts gang visit St Mungo’s after Arthur Weasley has been attacked, and we learn about what happened to Alice and Frank Longbottom, tortured to insanity by Bellatrix Lestrange during the First Wizarding War, they now reside in the wizarding hospital. Alice’s interactions with her son were inspired by somebody Rowling met in real life, whose mother suffered from Dementia, she didn’t recognise her son as her son, but as the sweet man. Alice gives Neville a sweet wrapper because she wants to give him something in return for him giving her what she wants. We’re not crying, we just have a blast-ended skrewt in our eye…



“No need to call me ‘Sir’, professor.”

Just so we didn’t leave you feeling completely miserable after that last one, we leave you with Harry Potter and the Master of Sassing Snape. We’re 100 per cent behind you Harry. You sass him. Our absolute favourite of those moments wasn’t even put in the films and we’re ashamed. While Snape is berating him in front of the entire class, Harry turns the sass up to 11. “Do you remember me telling you we were practising non-verbal spells, Potter.” “Yes.” Yes, sir.” “There is no need to call me ‘sir’, professor.” Where was this Harry? In the deleted scenes and on the cutting room floor, a lot of the time, sadly. (We highly recomment you watch the Philosopher’s Stone extended Potions lesson, “Clearly fame isn’t everything.” “Clearly Hermione knows, it would be a pity not to ask her.” Yes Harry!)