Top 10 Funniest Buffy Moments

The episodes that made you split your sides laughing

A New Man (s.4)

Lovable rogue Ethan Rayne is back to turn Giles into a demon. Hilarity ensues when only Spike knows it’s him, and they have a strange conversation about mucus. The highlight is when he chases Professor Walsh down the street, roaring and waving his arms about, before returning to the car thoroughly satisfied.

Something Blue (s.4)

Willow’s wishes come true and suddenly enemies Buffy and Spike are engaged and snogging non-stop, Giles is blind but “can hear the smacking!”, and Xander is fending off door-to-door demons. D’Hoffryn offers Willow a job as a vengeance demon, but she refuses and bakes cookies for her friends out of guilt.