Top 10 Funniest Buffy Moments

The episodes that made you split your sides laughing

Buffy did her duty to the world, slaying vampires and other beasties and making us laugh all the while. Here are our top ten favourite funny moments from all seven seasons, in no particular order….

Fear, Itself (s.4)

This episode cleverly skips between comedy and all-out horror when the Scoobies are locked in a real haunted house… controlled by a four-inch demon. The best line has to go to Giles and his tense translation – “Actual size”.

Storyteller (s.7)

Spliced in documentary fashion by Andrew, there’s a hilarious vision of him and the remaining two thirds of the geek trio becoming gods, skipping through a field of flowers dressed in togas. He also passes up filming girls kissing to admire Xander’s carpentry work.