Top 10 best ever moments from Lost

We’re not crying, YOU’RE crying! Here are the 10 best ever moments from Lost

lost best moments

In honour of UK Lost day, 4/8/15 (16, 23, 42), we’ve compiled a countdown of the greatest scenes from the series. The following ten pieces of TV history made us cry, made us scream and made us question our own existence. SPOILERS AHEAD. 

10. When Henry Gale wasn’t Henry Gale 

9. When Jack gave the “Live Together, Die Alone” speech

8. When Ethan wasn’t on the plane and we realised the survivors weren’t alone on the Island

7. When there was someone in the hatch already

6. When we found out that Locke was in a wheelchair before the crash

5. When Rose and Bernard were finally reunited

4. When Sun and Jin stayed together until the end

3. When Juliet made the bomb go off and turned the title card screen white

2. When Charlie sacrificed himself to tell Desmond that it wasn’t Penny’s boat 

1. When Jack dropped a bombshell with “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”

See you in another life, brother.