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Top 10 Best Cult Actors

We salute the lesser known heroes of cinema

Rutger Hauer

“Do you know what happens to an eyeball when it is punctured?” asks Rutger Hauer in The Hitcher to a terrified victim, just one of the many (improvised) roles that has cemented him as Hollywood’s favourite psychopath. A true method actor, Dutchman Hauer has the power to aghast as well as inspire, bringing character and depth to every role, villainous or otherwise, which borders on the goddamned poetic.

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Trivia: The line that Hauer’s replicant character, Roy Batty, recites at the end of Bladerunner is a line from 1793 poem America: A Prophecy by William Blake.

Bruce Campbell

Chiselled-chin Bruce Campbell has lead a successful B movie career since starring in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy as protagonist, Ash Williams, managing to be funny, heroic and iconic at the same time. Known for his total embrace of the fanboy scene (follow him on Twitter!), Campbell has truly scaled the mountain of cult movie stardom. Groovy!

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Trivia: On Campbell’s ad for Old Spice, the Necronomicon book from the Evil Dead can clearly be seen in the background. Nice.