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Top 10 Best Cult Actors

We salute the lesser known heroes of cinema

Dick Miller

With his tough Bronx accent, Dick Miller is best known for playing-fish-out-of-water characters in some of the most famous films around. Despite never having a huge role in any film, he remains an unsung hero and genre stalwart deserving of our respect. How else would Arnie have been able to buy any of his guns in Terminator?

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Trivia: Miller has appeared in every Joe Dante film to date and is considered his “good luck charm”, awww.

Ken Foree

Towering at 6ft 4inches, Ken Foree gave a tough performance as swat team officer, Peter Washington, in George Romero’s 1978 Dawn of the Dead. Since breaking into the horror scene he has kept close ties with the genre by fighting off zombies, Leatherface and erm …Kenan and Kel.

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Trivia: The fake blood in Dawn of the Dead was made with a mixture of food colouring, peanut butter and cane sugar syrup, yum!