Top 10 Best Cult Actors

We salute the lesser known heroes of cinema

You know them when you see them but can’t quite remember their names; they are the cool cat scene-stealers, villains, psychos, heroes and killer clowns in probably all of your favourite films. Here are just a few of the best cult actors.

Michael Biehn

Before playing everyone’s favourite marine, Corporal Dwayne Hicks in Aliens, underrated Biehn first found cult fame as Kyle Reese in Terminator. It was reported that he was supposed to play Stephen Lang’s Colonel in Avatar but James Cameron thought that with Sigourney Weaver already involved it would be too much like an Aliens reunion (like that was a bad thing!).

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Trivia: Biehn was the first choice to play Peter Parker in the abandoned Spiderman by James Cameron.

Micheal Ironside

No one can quite play a tough, steel-fisted evil villain like Michael Ironside can. Much more than a Jack Nicholson-lookalike, his unnerving edge and black leather vest/tight trousers combo could quite literally blow your brains up.

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Trivia: The exploding finale to David Cronenberg’s Scanners was made by filling a prosthetic head with bought livers and shooting the head from behind with a shotgun.