Ten of the most interesting sci-fi futures

Some of the best (and wholly depressing) futures depicted by the genre.

Starfleet_Academy-thumb-550x252-15492They may not be pretty, but they’re certainly iconic and evocative. And besides, our world isn’t much better – countries are renaming national landmarks after distinctly average films, lunatics want to blow themselves up on our trains, and Joanna Lumley has recently assumed command of the Gurkhas, so give the poor people of Tyrell-era LA a rest, will you? Below, we list ten of the best and most impressive depictions of the future in science-fiction cinema and television.


2002_the_time_machine_01510. The Time Machine
Released: 2002
Simon Wells, Gore Verbinski
Guy Pearce, Samantha Mumba, Mark Addy

Labour might have you believe that this is the future we’ll have if Cameron gets into power, but there is certainly a class war going on in this horrible version of the world. And worst of all, even 800,000 years after the present day, we still can’t manage to get rid of Samantha Mumba.


EFC9. Earth: Final Conflict
Aired: 1997-2002
Gene Roddenberry
Lisa Howard, Von Flores, Robert Leeshock

Something should have twigged with the world governments when the Taelons began growing houses – houses – on the East Coast of the United States, and implanted their security operatives with a distinctly creepy bio-weapon. While hovering above Earth in their ghost ship. Yeah, they’re here in peace, sort of.