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Ten of the best… things to check out this week

10 forthcoming nuggets of sci-fi, fantasy and horror TV, movies, comics and more from the next seven days.

SciFiNow’s weekly guide to the ten best blasts of sci-fi, fantasy and horror that you need to be aware of over the next seven days!

10. Beyond Re-Animator

Undisputed b-list horror legend Jefferey Combs’ second jaunt as the HP Lovecraft-inspired mad scientist gets a long awaited outing on DVD. Not as cerebral as the (sort of) source material, this is shameless, ’80s gore. Call Mary Whitehouse and picket something, before your children start trying to reanimated the pets. Glorious box art, no?

DVD: Out April 25 on Arrow Video


9. The Terror

Starring a young (and disappointingly uncharismatic) Jack Nicholson and the iconic and imposing Boris Karloff, Roger Corman’s 1963 patchwork masterpiece (sets were left over from other Corman pictures, and the director’s friends pitched in to film scenes – including Francis Ford Coppola) ‘The Terror’ is finally available on Blu-ray in the US, and therefore the rest of the world via import.

Blu-ray: Out April 26 from Filmchest/Virgil Films

8. Thor

The deity-turned-superdude arrives on the big screen to flex his pecs, scowl meanginfully and smash things with his hammer, while thunder rumbles overhead no doubt. The summer of superheroes has begun in suitable epic style with Marvel’s latest addition to their constantly expanding cinematic canon. Check out what SciFiNow thought here before you head off to the local multiplex to gorge on popcorn.

Cinema: On general release from Wednesday April 27

7. The Mighty Thor (Issue 1)

Pitched as a perfect jumping-on point for those whose Frost Giant fetish has been awoken by the movie, the first part of this four issue miniseries by genre stalwart Matt Fraction is a good solid Silver Age romp that’ll ensnare virgin readers like the roots of the world tree. Featuring Galactus and the Silver Surfer, you’ve got to admit to being a teeny bit excited about how they utilise the cosmic heavyweights of Marvel lore without driving away the casual reader.

Comic: Available from Wednesday April 27 from Marvel Comics

6. Planet Of The Apes (Issue 1)

Sold out on pre-order, sending hype alarms ding-ding-dinging, Daryl Gregory’s new series acts as a prequel to the original 1968 movie, rather than the turkey of the remake. As everyone else starts looking to the future with the trailer for ‘Planet Of The Apes: Rise Of The Apes’ getting even the most sophisticated of sci-fi fans whooping like a pack of gibbons, buck the trend by looking to the past for your monkey business.

Comic: Available from Wednesday April 27 from Boom Studio

5. V ‘Siege’ (Episode 6 of Series 2)

News of the third season’s eventual fate is furthest from your mind as Series 2 heats up. Lizardominatrix Anna enlists Ryan, the mercenary with the wandering accent (England, via Australia, via New Zealand), to put an end to the resistance. Find out how he gets on, with lashings of tense sci-fi melodrama, space lizards and cold, hard stares.


TV: On SyFy Thursday April 28, 9pm

4. ‘Embassytown’ by China Mieville

Genre fiction’s secret is out, being inserted into broadsheet newspapers like the second coming of Margaret Atwood, the superb political allegory of China Mieville turns to a space-borne tale of diplomacy and deception. Sort of like Babylon 5 with no pictures, let alone flickering, moving, noisy ones, ‘Embassytown’ is either a suburb built of tobacco or the settlement where all this diplomacy/deception business kicks off.

Book: Out Thursday April 28 from Macmillan

3. Insidious

The original creators of ‘Saw’ (and the slowburning supernatural terror of ‘Paranormal Activity’) reunite with a fresh offering, possibly by way of apology for their seemingly endless dirge of tasteless torture porn sequels. As a comatose child is possessed by sinister forces, prepare to relive those panicked, anxious months you spent avoiding your little nephew Trevor after seeing ‘The Grudge’.

Cinema: One general release from Friday April 29

2. Thor

Well, it’s clearly Thor Week so why not go insane on all possible media platforms? Swing thy mighty hammer like medieval Whack-A-Mole. It is available on on Xbox 360, PC, Wii, DS, 3DS and PS3, and with the Eisner Award winning writer Matt Fraction on board, it’s off to a better start than your average tie-in.

Game: Out Friday April 29 from Sega

1. Doctor Who ‘The Day Of The Moon’ (Episode 2 of Series 6)

The conclusion to this weekend’s superbly creepy cliffhanger, with the most unsettling monsters since those floaty silent, toothy ones in Buffy. The opening to season six is very British, but a bit American – like Monty Python X-Files crossover fan fiction.

TV: On BBC One Saturday April 30, 6pm

Did we miss anything? What are you looking forward to this week and next? Comment and let us know!