Ten of the best… showdowns

Some of our favourite sci-fi smackdowns.

When you lose the epic starship battles and the futuristic technology, stripping sci-fi stories down to the endoskeleton, they usually just come down to a battle between good and evil. Here are just a few of our favourite one-on-ones.


110. Ghostbusters / Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Franchise: Ghostbusters
Factions: Human versus Demon
Film: Ghostbusters

Warned that the next thing they think of will be the form Gozer shall assume to destroy Earth, Ray tries to think of a harmless creature, which just happens to be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Contrary to Ray’s claims that the spongy sailor “could never possiby destroy us”, he rocks up with nothing but devastation on his mind. The busters first use their proton packs to set him on fire, but when that doesn’t work, they ‘cross the streams’ to cause a protonic reversal, annihilating the bloated behemoth and showering sweet, sweet goo onto the streets of New York City.


miller393art1am89. Alien / Predator
Franchise: AVP
Factions: Predator versus Xenomorph
Film: AVP

Though the film was a complete turkey, it did at least bring these two creature features together for the very first time. No, we didn’t want the ridiculous story, the dreadful script or the hammy acting, but we were pleased to see these legends hammer it out. The shrill of the Alien war cry can be heard throughout as it whips its tail at the Predator, while at the same time old case-face discovers new and brutal ways to spill as much acidic blood as possible. Though a Predator eventually comes out on top, it’s a pretty evenly matched affair that helps each movie monster to keep its rock-hard reputation (if not its artistic integrity) intact.