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Top 10 Best Star Trek Original Series episodes

Strange new worlds, new civilisations, and a hell of a lot of Shatner – counting down the ten best episodes of Star Trek TOS

Even with all of our computer technology, modern day costuming, million-dollar budgets and big name actors in television these days, very little can approach Star Trek. It had something to it that modern series seem to lack, in many cases, and it was so revolutionary for its time that it’s all but impossible not to like it. With that in mind, and as it’s Friday, here are ten of the finest Original Series episodes for you to sit down with this weekend.

In no particular order…


doomsdaymachine_57110. The Doomsday Machine
Season: 2
20 October 1967

Well received by the fan base and critics at large, this episode featured the Enterprise playing cat and mouse with the titular machine, and eventually fighting it with the USS Constellation’s face. The remastered edition’s effects were also excellent, taking a more gritty approach as opposed to others in the series.


Let_That_Be_Your_Last_Battlefield_1479. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Season: 3
Aired: 10 January 1969

Often cited as some of the best political allegory in Star Trek, this episode featured an encounter with the last two members of a race, and the last survivors of a war between two aspects of that species with superficial differences. If you didn’t get the sledgehammer hint, it’s about black and white tension.