Star Trek 3: 5 things fans want changed from Into Darkness

Stark Trek Into Darkness was an improvement, but here’s 5 things fans want to see in Star Trek 3

The consensus from Trek fans was that Star Trek Into Darkness was an improvement on 2009’s Star Trek. However there are still a few kinks that the hardcore would definitely like to see ironed out, for instance:


1. No more Spock Prime
We all love Leonard Nimoy, he’s brilliant, but enough already with wheeling out Spock at convenient moments to dispense handy hints and tips like a human strategy guide. It’s time the training wheels came off.

2. Better science
What sets Star Trek apart from the likes of Star Wars was that its science was sound, or as sound as you can get while being fictitious. The series inspired astronauts, physicists and budding inventors to replicate the iconic technology from the show in real life. So when you try and get a ‘cold fusion’ bomb past us that is cold – actually cold – we do get rather upset. We know what that is, and it isn’t cold. Bad movie *swipes newspaper* that was very silly of you, now don’t do that again.


OK so not actually Khan, but he is part of the problem. Benedict Cumberbatch played Khan with every inch of dignity that you’d expect from such a great actor. But this is an alternative timeline. Surely there are new species or villains that could add a bit of originality to the Abrams reboot series. Why not try something new rather than just rehashing what went before?

The same goes for sloppy obvious signposting with mainstream Star Trek ideas like Tribbles, green women and Kirk’s libido. In fact…


4. No more caricatures
Sulu used a fencing sword once in ‘The Naked Time’. In Star Trek he bust that bad boy out within about an hour of screen time. Onscreen so far Kirk has a tryst with a green woman, a threesome and an oogle at Carol Marcus gratuitously shown in her underwear. Kirk did have an eye for the ladies, but it was not his defining characteristic. The new film series has amplified the most shallow character traits to the point that the charm has been drained. A little less broad strokes and more genuine character development would not go amiss.


5. Klingon War
We’ve seen skirmishes and the odd battle, now we want to see all-out war with the Klingon Empire. The redesigns have intrigued us and they look like they mean business. It’s about time Kirk proved his mettle against the franchise’s most iconic warrior race.

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