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Secret Cinema presents 28 Days Later: 20 things we learnt

A spoiler-free list of things we learnt at Secret Cinema presents 28 Days Later

In order to keep Secret Cinema Presents 28 Days Later truly secret, we can’t really write a proper review of it. That would be telling. (We’d also get told off, and no one wants that.) So instead, we’ve compiled a list of things we learnt during the experience and things you should probably prepare yourself for if you’re planning on going too. And you really should go.

  1. Definitely dress up. If you don’t, you’ll feel like an absolute loser while everyone around you has an amazing time in their scrubs and bandages.
  2. It’s better to order your costume ahead of time so you can wear it to the venue, seek out pre-scrubbed people on the tube and arrive in a giant horde of immersive-theatregoers.
  3. You can also buy your costume from a pop-up shop at the venue on the day, but it’s more fun to come prepared.
  4. If you don’t want to splash out and spend £20 or £30 on one of the more elaborate costume kits, you can get yourself a face mask and disposable coverall from the pop-up shop for a couple of quid.
  5. To be honest, you won’t really notice what you or anyone else is wearing when you get in there. Unless you’re not in costume. Then you’ll notice. You’ll notice a lot.
  6. Wear trainers. Be prepared to run. A lot.
  7. Wear as little clothing underneath your costume as possible. Obviously wear at least a shirt and trousers underneath, but if you think you can hack the walk back home without a coat, do it. You don’t want to be lugging your coat around with you.
  8. The same applies to your bag. It’s very difficult to run while wearing a sizeable backpack.
  9. Don’t take any food with you. It’ll only be taken off you by mean people in camouflage, and you’ll never get it back. Even if you have special dietary requirements. They don’t care.
  10. Don’t take drinks in either. The mean people will make you down it in front of them while they search your bag for more treats.
  11. Make sure your chosen costume can be put on and taken off easily. If you sport an overall with a zip, things get tricky when the time to have a wee finally arrives.
  12. Have a wee before you leave home. We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but it’ll be a good while before you find the first toilet once everything gets going.
  13. Be prepared to start sweating in places you didn’t know you could sweat.
  14. If you want food, take your bankcard with you. No one accepts cash in the zombie apolcalyse.
  15. If you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, DON’T GO. YOU WON’T ENJOY IT.
  16. If you don’t cope well under stress, DON’T GO. YOU WON’T ENJOY IT.
  17. If you don’t like being touched by strangers, DON’T GO. YOU WON’T ENJOY IT.
  18. If you hate having fun, DON’T GO. YOU WON’T ENJOY IT.
  19. Don’t fall over when you’re trying to run away. You might get crushed by a human stampede, which will make you feel a bit silly.
  20. Get ready to dance.

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