The Walking Dead: Andrea’s 5 most annoying moments

We chart Andrea’s 5 most stupid decisions on The Walking Dead

andrea-walking-dead-meme1. Shot Daryl Dixon

It was hard to believe that Andrea didn’t realise it was Daryl when she took aim in The Walking Dead Season 2. He was beat up and bloody, but Rick and co were clearly talking to him. She had to show off her new shooting skills, though, and narrowly missed burying a bullet in the head of the most loved character on the show. Thank goodness she’s the worst shot in the west.

2. Suicidal for the whole of Season 2

We’d take Rick seeing ghosts over Andrea’s suicidal mission any day. Once Dale emotionally blackmailed her out of the CDC, she moaned at him all season long. She topped it all off by encouraging Maggie’s little sister to make her own choice, even if it involced slitting her wrists. It was pretty underhand since Andrea had promised Maggie that she would look after her, and this act of stupidity nearly got them booted off the farm.

3. Has awful taste in men

Want to know who the villain of the season is? Andrea will be sleeping with him. After throwing herself at the murderous Shane, she decided to overlook what was glaringly obvious to everyone, including Michonne…

andrea4. Sisters before misters

It seemed like pairing Andrea and one of the coolest comic-book characters – Michonne – was a clever move to win her character some favour, but she broke the Girl Code. As soon as she stepped into Woodbury she abandoned her pal that had kept her safe all winter for a bloke she had only just met. Hot showers aside, she had more reasons to trust her friend’s instincts than her own.

5. Saved the Governor multiple times

How many lives would have been saved if Andrea had just let Michonne slice-and-dice the Governor? We could have overlooked this since she had no idea what he was really like at the time, but once her friends told her about his attack on the prison and how he’d sent Merle out to kill Michonne for leaving, she still didn’t do the deed. Carol’s vagina warfare plan was aborted and Andrea realised too late that some men can’t be saved. We told you so.


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