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James HoareJames Hoare

James began his career selling a crudely photocopied Doctor Who fanzine in the school playground, so in many ways he’s come full circle. He’s still picked last for football and sits alone at lunchtime.

Jodie TyleeJodie Tyley

News Editor
Jodie skipped her end-of-school disco to meet the cast of Buffy, and fortunately landed a job where she doesn’t need to play truant to chat to stars, go to Hogwarts or look around the TARDIS.

Steve Wright

Sub Editor
Steve is a walking IMDb and Wookieepedia database, which would be handy if the internet hadn’t rendered him obsolete. In his spare time he follows AFC Bournemouth to the ends of the Earth (well, Carlisle) and regresses to primordial man at gigs and festivals, with a bit of football, running and cycling thrown in.

HatfullJonathan Hatfull

Staff Writer
Jonathan grew up watching horror in the dark, occasionally turning the light on to read. He has since acknowledged other genres of film and literature, but sunlight and non-fiction remain something of a mystery to him.


Sarah Dobbs
Sarah is a freelance writer who spends most of her waking hours watching horror movies. Her extra-curricular activities include baking, going to punk shows and playing monster-themed board games.
Daniel Cairns
Dan is probably the only person on the SciFiNow roster that saw critical merit in the Doom film. He greatly enjoyed the allusions to the works of Francis Bacon, and thought Dexter Fletcher being eaten was really funny.
Martin Glick
Joe Dussander
Joe Nazzaro
Krystal Sim
Stephen Kelly
Calum Waddell
Laura Sneddon