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Did Ron Moore rip off Joe Haldeman? TV

Did Ron Moore rip off Joe Haldeman?

Rumours have once more begun to circulate about the possible shadowy origins of Ron Moore’s new science-fiction show Virtuality, with claims that the story is too close to that of a recently published novel to be coincidence. Old Twentieth, written by Joe Haldeman (The Forever War) and published in 2005, tells the story of a … Continued

Ron Moore’s Virtuality gets cast TV

Ron Moore’s Virtuality gets cast

The two-hour back-door pilot for Virtuality, the upcoming sci-fi show from Ronald D Moore, has begun casting and British actor James D’Arcy is rumoured to be in line to star. The show is set aboard the starship Phaeton, which has embarked on a ten-year journey to explore distant solar systems. To keep the crew amused … Continued