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Blu-ray review: Event Horizon DVD & Blu-Ray

Blu-ray review: Event Horizon

Despite a level of notoriety gained from his work on the Resident Evil and Alien vs. Predator franchises, English director Paul WS Anderson’s third feature is arguably still his most satisfying.

Pandorum trailer shoots to chill

Pandorum trailer shoots to chill

A trailer for upcoming sci-fi feature Pandorum has been released and on first impression it’s shaping up to be quite a decent sci-fi horror.

Castlevania gets canned

Castlevania gets canned

Reports from Bloody Disgusting suggest that the upcoming big-screen version of Castlevania has been totally scrapped. The film was originally going to be directed by Sylvain White (of I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer fame), produced by Resident Evil helmer Paul WS Anderson, and Ian Jeffers had been assigned to write the screenplay. Universal’s Rogue Pictures were poised to distribute this $50 million adaptation.