Exclusive interview: Joe Mad Books

Exclusive interview: Joe Mad

Recently, SciFiNow spoke to comic book legend and game designer Joe Madureira about new adventure title, Darksiders. Here’s what the super-artist had to say… We’re big fans… Not everyone is, believe me. We once went into a comic shop and they criticised how you drew elbows. Elbows? I’ve gotten like faces and noses but not … Continued

Tom Hiddleston discusses Loki

Tom Hiddleston discusses Loki

As Thor gears up for production, the recently cast Tom Hiddleston took time out to discuss the role of Loki. Speaking to The Daily Mail he had this to say about playing the evil Marvel character:

Four Thor villains Comics

Four Thor villains

So the gauntlet has been laid down: Loki will be challenging Thor for godlike supremacy in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Marvel adaptation. Following a casting announcement that pits Tom Hiddleston’s Loki against Chris Hemsworth’s unconfirmed Thor, we list five enemies of the Norse god that would have given him an equal run for his money.

Trek actor to be cast as Thor?

Trek actor to be cast as Thor?

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has reportedly been cast as Marvel’s godlike hero Thor, according to Deadline Hollywood. Although unknown in the United States – bar a small role as Kirk’s father in the recent Trek movie – Hemsworth found fame in his native homeland starring in soap opera Home And Away. Following this, he will be seen in the Joss Whedon-scripted horror, The Cabin In The Woods, and featuring in the lead role in an upcoming remake of Red Dawn.

Branagh close to finding his Thor

Branagh close to finding his Thor

Kenneth Branagh recently had this to say regarding the casting of upcoming Marvel adaptation Thor: “We’re down to the final stages of it… The reason one has to be properly diplomatic, is simply that some talented peopled have been patient, kind, creative and really committed to working with us in this process.” Speaking to MTV he went on to say, “My reluctance to say anything about it is simply out of respect for people who have been extremely respectful of us… That said, I think we are extremely close and I hope to announce a decision sooner rather than later.”

Marvel suggests a Dr Strange movie could be in the works

Marvel suggests a Dr Strange movie could be in the works

Currently in the process of setting up a future Avengers movie via unveiling a multitude of their superheroes to audiences through their own headlining movies, Marvel Studios has announced that a Dr Strange movie is also under consideration for the future. Marvel Studios’ president of production Kevin Feige has said: “In the next year, year … Continued

Runaways escape to Marvel Comics

Runaways escape to Marvel

Following on from its success with Iron Man and the announcement of other superhero films on its production slate, Marvel Studios has also announced an adaptation of Runaways. Created by Brian K Vaughn and Adrian Alphona in 2002, Runaways revolves around a group of children who discover that their parents are all supervillains. They struggle … Continued