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Knight Rider breaks down TV

Knight Rider breaks down

Hollywood industry journalist Nikki Finke is reporting that NBC has pulled the plug on Knight Rider. In her typically caustic fashion, Finke said: “Gee golly gosh, Jeff Zucker and Ben Silverman keep telling the media they’re doing a swell job. I’m told NBC now will forgo the last four episodes of Knight Rider and is … Continued

Knight Rider set for reshuffle TV

Knight Rider set for reshuffle

After changing its line-up and direction from the initial two-hour pilot for the series proper, Knight Rider is in for another reshuffle, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The aim is to bring the show closer in tone with the original Eighties show, and three cast members are losing their places as a result. Sydney Tamiia … Continued

Knight Rider races to full season order TV

Knight Rider races to full season order

NBC’s new take on the one-man-and-his-machine show has received moderate ratings since it premiered last month, but the network has decided to order up the back nine on the programme, handing it a full season order. The series updates the iconic Eighties TV show, and stars Justin Bruening as Mike Traceur, with Val Kilmer voicing … Continued

KITT Rides Again

KITT Rides Again

The premiere of the NBC-produced Knight Rider television movie took first place in the US ratings race on 17 February, also breaking a record for the highest rated program of its kind in three years. Preliminary Nielsen figures have shown that the show averaged a 5.0 rating / 12 share in key target demographics, and … Continued