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Save Rhinos Now with World Of Animals!

World Of Animals magazine teams up with Ol Pejeta to save rhinos now

Ol-Pejeta-_360-copyThe African black rhino is at risk of being driven into extinction by poachers, and to help combat this SciFiNow‘s sister magazine World Of Animals has pledged 10% of its profits to conservancy Ol Pejeta.

From issue 7 onwards (on sale now!), 10% of World Of Animals magazine’s profits will go to Ol Pejeta’s fight against rhino poachers in East Africa as part of a new partnership with the Kenyan conservancy.

The money raised will go towards ensuring that there are more rangers, more trackers, and more advanced surveillance equipment to combat the poachers who brutally murder these magnificent animals for profit.

Richard Vigne, CEO of the Ol Pejeta Conservency states: “We on the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya are thrilled and proud to be working with Imagine Publishing in the “Save Rhinos Now” campaign.

“As the largest black rhino sanctuary in eastern Africa we are at the forefront of the battle to save Africa’s rhinos from extinction. To be successful we are compelled to spend huge sums of money to pay for armed anti-poaching units, and to secure the habitat that is required for healthy growing rhino populations.”

“Consequently we welcome the possibility that this campaign may assist us to raise the funds that are required to make our rhinos safe, now and for future generations.”

You can find out more about the rhino’s struggle for survial in issue 7 of World Of Animals, and you can donate to Ol Pejeta at their JustGiving page.