Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12 ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’ review

Rick and co go on the offensive in this week’s The Walking Dead

Last week we sensed that there had been something of a sea change in the world of The Walking Dead; like its world was about to get a whole lot bigger.

‘No Tomorrow Yet’ seems to be in two minds as to whether it’ll actually follow through with this, delivering an episode that at first doesn’t seem all that different from the ones that have preceded this, before utterly pulling the rug from beneath our feet at the very end.

In truth, we should have seen it coming. Rick has a carefully laid plan, and you know what happens with these: something transpires to go wrong. Having Glenn and Maggie together on the same mission clearly doesn’t bode well, nor does Tara bidding an emotional farewell to Denise.

For all the foreshadowing, however, we have some interesting character moments to keep us busy. An intimate moment with Carol reveals that she’s not as cold-hearted as it seemed she had become, and further characterisation leaves us similarly worried for her fate. Moreover, Abraham, who has had a lot of screen time of late, doesn’t exactly cover himself in glory.

Later on, we even get a few genuinely funny moments: Gabriel seems to have stopped being a wet blanket, and Rick finds a typically blunt solution for making a decapitated head look more like its intended subject.

It’s towards the end, as the action-packed final third ensues, that something seems amiss. Things just seem to be going that bit too well, and with the show going to great lengths to emphasise just how horrible the Saviors are, you don’t really get that much sense of a moral conundrum on the part of the Alexandrians, some hand-wringing from Glenn and Heath aside: they’re just destroying the danger before it lands on their doorstep.

All the predictable plot episodes aside, it’s an episode that promises a lot, and once again returns of that Walking Dead staple of making you bite-your-nails anxious about what will follow next week. And we’re sure it won’t be pretty.