Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10 ‘The Next World’ review

Find out how Rick and co got on in our spoiler-filled Walking Dead review

Hello time jump. We’re not sure how far into the future it is since last week’s episode, but enough time has elapsed for things to return to something approximating normal in this world: Carl has recovered, and sports an eye-patch – hell, there’s even a photo of him and Judith; Michonne seems cheery; Rick’s mellowed out enough that he can listen to music, and everyone looks clean.

Everything’s just so peaceful. So inevitably, something has to go wrong.

Enter said wrongness in the form of Paul ‘Jesus’ Monroe. A popular character from the comics, he proceeds to swipe the van from under Rick and Daryl’s noses, all the while giving off a vibe of carefree nonchalance.

Before long everything’s going to hell: he gives Rick (and especially Daryl) the runaround, chasing each other around a field slapstick style (all that’s missing is the Benny Hill theme tune) before knocking himself out and sinking the van.

The Walking Dead has made us feel a lot of feelings, but hilarity hasn’t been one of them until now. Have we found a new fan favourite? Judging by his Houdini-esque capacity to escape from seemingly unescapable situations, we think we might have.

Elsewhere, Carl is wandering around outside the gate with Enid, although exactly why isn’t explained. Apparently losing an eye doesn’t do anything to aid your personality, but we live in hope.

So after all the explosive action of last week’s episode, it seems as if The Walking Dead has reverted back to the mostly bland filler episodes punctuated by the odd exciting moment that the first half of this season saw far too many of. While we appreciate that not every episode can be a Blackwater, it would be nice to see some sort of consistency.

Then we have the Rick and Michonne thing going on, which we’re still not sure what to make of it, considering how it seems as if there’s been precious little build up. Is it a case of two damaged individuals being drawn together, or a sign of their respective recoveries? Only time will tell.