The Walking Dead S03E16 ‘Welcome To The Tombs’ episode review

Our review of The Walking Dead Season 3 episode 16 ‘Welcome To The Tombs’. Spoilers ahead…

Was that really the finale of The Walking Dead?

We felt like Season 3 had been gearing towards an epic showdown, but the Governor and Rick didn’t even clap eyes on each other. It started off promising, with Woodbury storming the prison – walkers mown down, alarms ringing in the prison tunnels, Glenn and Maggie in riot gear – but ultimately the war was between the Governor and his own men.

The moment he turned on his group confirmed his complete transition from Mr 50 Shades of Grey to straight-up evil bastard. Perhaps his most diabolical moment, however, was stabbing Milton (complete with awful squelch sounds) and leaving him to slowly die in a room where Andrea was shackled to a chair. “You either kill or you die, or you die and you kill,” he says, rather profoundly.

It was a brilliant idea loaded with tension, but how frustrating was it when Andrea kept pausing her escape attempt to have a chat?! If you had a pair of pliers at your feet and a man who’s not long for this world, you’d be gripping onto them for dear life. In keeping with how maddening she’s been this whole season, however, she indulges in a monologue to explain how she “just wanted everyone to live”.

She doesn’t though, as we discover. It was a bold decision to whip the camera away from the biter action, especially since many fans were baying for her blood, but her quip about knowing how to fire a gun coupled with Michonne’s tears made us feel a twinge of remorse. Just a bit.

On the bench this episode were Carl, Hershel, Beth and baby Judith, who stayed clear of the limited action at the prison. Carl created his own drama though, shooting a teen who fatally chose to hand his gun over rather than put it on the ground. We can kind of see where Carl was coming from, since plenty of people have been double-crossed and taken hostage in the past, and he made some good points when Rick confronted him. It seems like there will be interesting storylines to come where hormones and Carl collide.

twdWe were relieved to see that Rick’s coping better now after the death of Lori this season. Since her ghost failed to materialise at the end of the finale, we’re happily assuming they’ve both moved on. It’s a good thing too as the women and children of Woodbury have moved into the prison with them, along with Tyreese.

As far as finale revelations go, this is a pretty weak one. We don’t know or care about the Woodbury canon fodder yet and we can’t help feel conflicted about the decision to keep the Governor alive. He’s undoubtedly been the best thing to happen to The Walking Dead since Shane, but we fear the story will end up strung out and tired if it hangs over Season 4.

On the whole, Season 3 has been the best bunch of Walking Dead episodes yet, but unfortunately the finale failed to eclipse the big barn blow-out of Season 2.