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The Sixth Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko book review

Sergei Lukyanenko concludes the Night Watch series with The Sixth Watch

The sixth book in the Night Watch series is reportedly the final tale of the Moscow-based supernatural others who live in a delicate state of peace, and there’s a definite sense that the author is tying all his loose threads together.

Even as a husband and father, trouble seems to keep finding Anton Gorodetsky, as a rogue vampire leaves a threatening message that’s meant just for him. Further investigation reveals this isn’t a threat; it’s a warning. An ancient, incredibly powerful entity has returned, and if prophecies are to be believed it will destroy the world. Only one thing can stand in its way: the Sixth Watch.

Lukyanenko’s vision of a bustling supernatural world that’s just out of sight is just as wryly bewitching as it ever was, and there’s a real sense of warm familiarity to the characters. The actual plot will be particularly rewarding for fans of the series, as our hero must call upon figures from his past to save both Others and humans, and they’re not all happy to see him.

There are some issues that some may find irritating, such as the occasional line that seems to suggest a not-particularly progressive attitude towards women, and mentions of the conflict in Ukraine are jarring, given that the author’s views on this are no secret.

Putting those issues to one side, Lukyanenko continues to blend roaring fantasy action set pieces with an engaging collection of blue-collar heroes working to remind these beings of their better natures. It’s a little slow in places, but fans of Lukyanenko won’t want to miss the atmospheric and entertaining final chapter