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The Amazing Spider-man 2 videogame review

We’d rather re-read the Clone Saga than play The Amazing Spider-Man 2 videogame again

It’s easy enough to blame the Batman: Arkham games for making us harbour lofty expectations for games based on licensed properties, but there’s simply no excuse for barely competent videogames in this day and age.

Beenox has delivered one of the worst Spider-Man games in recent history, which fails to not only replicate the glory of 2004’s Spider-Man 2 in any attractive fashion, but still succeeds in falling short of other Spider-Man games the studio has delivered in the last four years.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 uses the recent Marc Webb directed sequel as a starting point, before spiralling out of control into a narrative and gameplay mess of epic proportions.

Your time will be spent swinging around a New York stripped of all visual interest, personality and splendor; stopping on frustratingly frequent occasion to lay the smack-down on eerily similar-looking thugs, rescuing trapped people and disarming bombs. It gets boring, quickly. If Peter Parker has to endure this sort of nonsense on a daily basis, ‘patience of steel’ should be added to his power-set in the next Marvel Universe handbook.

The swinging mechanics fail to replicate the simplicity and nuance of the aforementioned Spider-Man 2, while the combat isn’t a shadow on Beenox’s 2010 release Shattered Dimensions.

Sadly, the story missions don’t fare much better. Unless being pushed through a gauntlet of tedium is your idea of an evening well spent. Fetch quests, repetitive missions and uninteresting combat (that borders on broken) quickly stamps out the Spider-Man fan buried deep inside us.

There’s only so much you can forgive, even when dealing with a lifelong favourite franchise. We’d happily take a game centred on exploring the nuance of the Clone Saga over another swing into this wholly uninteresting depiction of Spidey’s world.

There’s nothing Amazing about Activision’s latest attempt to give Spider-Man an entertaining digital outing. In fact, there’s barely anything serviceable about it.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a dull, uninteresting take on one of Marvel’s most interesting and complex characters. Can’t blame the Parker luck for this one, folks – the problems run deeper than superhero superstition.