The 100 Season 2 DVD review

The Earth re-population plan goes from bad to worse in The 100 Season 2

After a mediocre first season, The 100 has come back for Season 2 with a vengeance. The remaining 48 wake up in what appears to be an underground bunker, and they don’t quite know how they got there. But Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) is sure as hell going to find out.

Throughout Season 1, Clarke’s transformation from healer to leader was easily one of the most intriguing aspects of the show. Thankfully, Season Two amps the transformation up to 11 as Clarke becomes a commander in the battle between the Grounders, the Sky People and the Mountain Men.

But it’s not only Clarke who’s getting the character development treatment: Bellamy becomes more of a team player, Clarke’s mother Abby (Paige Turco) and Chancellor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) begin to realise how screwed up the Ark’s legal system was, and Murphy (Richard Harmon), who played the role of Token Arse-wipe in Season One, has strangely become one of the show’s most likeable characters. But still the teenagers remain infinitely more interesting than the adults. This is their journey after all.

Romantic relationships blossom too, adding a sprinkling of humanity over the dilapidated and war-torn planet Earth. Raven (Lindsey Morgan) deals with losing Finn (Thomas McDonell), Jasper (Devon Bostick) gets a Mount Weather girlfriend, and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) grow closer, as if that were even possible. The season also sews the seeds for a same-sex relationship involving a primary character, which has a lot of potential for Season 3.

Each episode connects and flows into the next, and the season is as mad and fast-paced as a Grounder at a Reaper’s dinner party. There’s always at least four things happening at once – usually Clarke and Lexa’s (Alycia Debnam-Carey) war antics, Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and Murphy’s quest to the City of Light, Jasper holding the fort at Mount Weather and whatever the heck the Ark councillors get up to – but everything contributes to a rich and action-packed narrative.

After a conflict on as huge a scale as the one this season, it’ll be interesting to see what the show will do to top it.