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Teen Wolf Season 2 DVD review

Teen Wolf Season 2 picks up the pace and ups the gore, and comes to DVD 10 June 2013

It’s so cool to be a werewolf, OK, so it comes with a smidgeon of danger and uncontrollable rage but think of the perks. For further details see Jacob Black, Professor Lupin, George Sands and the daddy of all werewolves, Scott McCall.

For those that have not already met Scott’s new reincarnation (Tyler Posey) in Season 1 of Teen Wolf, be warned he is not the scrawny, socially awkward, genetically transformed Michael J Fox weredork of the legendary 80s movie.

There are of course similarities and those loyal to the beloved comedic character and light hearted approach of the film, may find it hard to refrain from making comparisons.

Season 2 opens with Scott desperately trying to hang on to his fragile relationship with Alison (Crystal Reed), her werewolf hunter parents (what are the odds?) unaware that they are still secretly dating. Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) is revelling in his alpha wolf status and touting Beacon Hills for new recruits to his pack.

Jackson (Colton Haynes) is experiencing very strange side effects from his wolf bite and Lydia (Holland Roden) appears to have gone from It Girl to Twit Girl following the events of Season 1, a near fatal encounter with an alpha werewolf can do that to a lass!

There are numerous new characters to get your teeth into and given that a new murderous, shape shifting creature is on the rampage, not one of them can be trusted. Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) continues to provide the very welcome comedy relief although a slightly more sentimental side of his character is unleashed in scenes with his doting yet slightly deluded dad, Sheriff Stilinski.

The gore quota has certainly cranked up a couple of notches this season; Jackson’s side effects are particularly unpleasant and an unfortunate homeless man literally spills his guts in the opening episode.

Word to the wise, even those with a strong stomach may want to eat tea beforehand as these special effects are pretty graphic. To counteract the ultra violence, some viewers will be relieved to know that frequent, shirtlessness is in ample supply.

Colin Firth beware, you have many rivals for that infamous wet T-shirt competition trophy!