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Supergirl: Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Welcome To Earth’ review

Supergirl weighs in its opinion on the Presidential debate

When episode three of Supergirl aired for Americans, it must have felt like a real comment on the current election. The writers have clearly got their opinions on who they want to win, and with the election actually tomorrow for UK viewers, it seems more relevant than ever.

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), having said goodbye to her cousin, she has a new important person coming to town. The President of America. A lady. Lynda Carter at that. Lynda Carter! Wonder Woman is the President. Call off the election, this is the solution. For lack of a better word, Kara fangirls. Hard. Supergirl‘s relentless enthusiasm as a show for celebrating strong females (super-powered or not) is always welcome. From Cat Grant to the President to Alex Danvers, none of them have powers, but they are all equally as important and as powerful as each other.

On that note, this week we saw the introduction of Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) who hangs out in alien bars and is a detective intent on not falling for the DEO’s bullshit. Instantly, she’s likeable, and with word on the street being that one of the main cast will be coming out this season, we’re assuming that she will be the other party. She gets her information out of the aliens, she turns up at crime scenes and she helps Alex come to terms with the fact that there are other good aliens out there (and they all seem to hang out in a bar much like the one Spike played poker for kittens in in Buffy).

The ‘threat of the week’, assumed by Kara to be Mon-El (Chris Wood) who happens to have landed on Earth after the destruction of Krypton caused his own planet to be destroyed, is after the President. We see Kara be prejudice against him because of where he’s come from. A rival planet whose people do not get along with hers. But they are both aliens stuck on a planet that isn’t there’s, so watch this space for some serious bonding (now Kara is trying not to let her xenophobia get in the way.

In actuality, it’s not Mon-El, but Scorcher, a pissed alien who doesn’t want the President to pass her bill. It seems a bit backwards. The Bill seems similar to that of the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War, designed to make sure that people are protected people something that might hurt them.

As the episode goes, there are more compelling moments, Kara finding her feet as a journalist, interviewing Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) about her views on aliens (as you can imagine, they don’t correspond well with Kara’s) and her new device that will recognise aliens by touch. Naturally there’s a brief moment of panic that she’s about to use it on Kara and find out that you soon realise was stupid because why would she ever get to know? Kara writes her piece and rewrites it once she realises that maybe Lena might be right. Not all aliens have the same intentions.

While it’s not as strong as the two opening episodes, but it has its moments and it really allows characters to develop, so if the season carries on in this vein, it will be stronger than the first. Even without Cat Grant.

Supergirl is currently airing on Mondays on Sky1.