Screamers review: Ticking the right boxes

Screamers review: Ticking the right boxes

Scream if you want to go faster with our review of Christian Duguay’s Nineties sci-fi, Screamers.

Set in the future on an alien planet torn apart by a war between two human factions, the use of ‘Screamers’ (the most terrifying weapons created by man), means the war is almost won. Unfortunately, the Screamers are no longer under control of man; they are evolving, and they have their own agenda.

Based on a book written by the author who inspired Blade Runner, with a screenplay by the writer who previously adapted Total Recall (another Philip K Dick story) and starring the actor who plays Robocop, on paper Screamers ticks all of the right boxes… on paper.

On screen, the aesthetic is more akin to that other mid-Nineties sci-fi, Starship Troopers, but the overt satire and subtext seen in that movie is disappointingly absent here. Christian Duguay does a more than competent job in creating tension and delivering shocks, but the film is too focused on the visuals to give any real depth to the characters and story.

Screamers is available now from 101 Films.