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Review: Dead Space Extraction

Will Dead Space remain the survival horror game of choice?

DeadSpace_01Considering the splash the first game made, there was a collective groan across the industry when EA revealed Dead Space Extraction. Despite coming directly from the team who made what is arguably the best survival horror game of the last few years, the thought of a light gun Wii title in the same universe wasn’t too appealing. Deciding to ignore the doubters, Visceral Games continued on regardless. We should all be glad they did…

Although we’ve already used the term ‘light gun’ to describe Extraction, such an expression is selling the next Dead Space short. Focusing on creating an experience that’s one hell of a ride throughout, there’s a tremendous amount of narrative-driven elements, all of which are handled admirably. Incorporating the events leading up to the nightmare on the Ishimura, it’s as compelling as it is captivating. Poised with countless enemies, that do a grand job of getting inside your head and putting you on edge, it seamlessly delves in and out of the action while maintaining an atmosphere that’s positively haunting. This is not for the weak of heart.

As rare as it is to see a mature game on the Wii nowadays – the last one of any note was Sega’s Madworld – EA and Visceral have spared little expense. Visually this is a giant on Nintendo’s console, managing to replicate the terror present in the original thanks to an intelligent use of lighting and excellent design. After the technological prowess it showed before, Visceral is proving it has the know-how to truly innovate.

Extraction stands out on the Wii and not just because of its adult content. As a light gun game or an interactive experience, this is untouched on the world’s favourite gaming console and an absolutely must-have for anyone who bought into the narrative from 2008. Dead Space continues to be untouchable.

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