Legends Of Tomorrow: Season 2 Episode 1 ‘Out Of Time’ Review

Can Legends Of Tomorrow come back stronger in Season 2?

We feel like it’s pretty safe to say that of the four DC TV outings presented to us within the last year, Legends Of Tomorrow is the one that enters its new season with the most to prove. While Supergirl‘s second season had massive question marks around it because CBS dropped it before The CW picked it back up from the dust, we were never really worried about it. It’s a strong outfit with brilliant morals and it has more female role models in it than pretty much any other show going, but Legends didn’t have that. It was, to us, the clear weakest of the four siblings, and so we come into Season Two with a lot of bug bears to shake off.

Cue the premiere episode, and we meet Dr Nate Heywood (new regular member of the cast Nick Zano) is in Star City being strong armed by the mayor’s guards. The mayor, that is, being one Oliver ‘Green Arrow’ Queen (Stephen Amell in a guest appearance). Heywood knows about the Legends, and he knows they are in trouble and something about a nuclear attack that is going to happen in 1942. Years before it is meant to.

On their hunt to find the Legends, 50 leagues under the sea or something to that effect, they come across Mick ‘The Arsonist’ Rory (Dominic Purcell) – we miss ‘Heatwave’ too – in stasis mode. Comically pointed out by Oliver (why is it he’s far more entertaining when he guest spots in Legends and The Flash?) before Rory then proceeds to tell them what happened to the team in a series of mildly entertaining and vaguely disjointed flashbacks – it’s like they have tried to present them as if Rory is telling them, but not quite hitting the nail on the head.

We see the gang in 15th century France where they are trying to ensure the copulation of Louis XIII (Christiaan Westerveld) and Anne of Austria (Rebecca Eady) when Anne seems a damn-sight more interested in Sara Lance (Caity Lotz). Chaos ensues and it turns into a bit of a farce of future tech in the past and a very confused looking King of France.

Fast forwards a little and we’re presented with a very Man In The High Castle situation. The Nazis won the war, the population of America will soon be speaking German if they can’t stop it. Enter Albert Einstein (John Rubinstein), kidnapped so he can make a bomb for the Nazis for them to use in New York City. Only, as it turns out, he isn’t the only one with the smarts to create the bomb, but his ex-wife, Mileva Maric (Christina Jastrzembska) can too.

Then things start to get interesting, Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is the first of the four cross-over villains to appear, with every intention of using nuclear weapons against the world. Sara, intent on killing her sister’s murderer before he can lay his hands on her goes for revenge, but is stopped by Ray (Brandon Routh) before she can change the timeline. And to be fair to him, it would probably mess a lot of things up. Somebody like Darhk hasn’t exactly left an uninfluential existence.

In saving the day the heroes get scattered through out time, Ray is thrown into the time of the dinosaurs (a particular highlight is Routh running around with a terrible wig and massive hair being chased by a T-rex) and most of the others stranded in Medieval times, in a time where Sara is about to be burned as a witch, and the Firestorm duo are distracted a child-king with a phone. Or trying to at least. Once the gang is reunited we find out that Rip (Arthur Darvill) has buggered off, in hope of seeing them again one day, and as things carry on being a little messy, a surprise entry from the Justice League Of America leaves the episode on a cliffhanger.

It’s not Legends weakest effort by far, but in comparison to the strong openers of The Flash and Supergirl, it still has a lot to achieve. We have hopes that the JLoA storyline will help to assist bringing the youngest sibling up the same level as the others.