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Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F Blu-ray review

One of the series’ greatest villains returns in Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

With the original Dragon Ball Z series having long slowed down, it’s great to see it continue in feature-film format. The only real difference is that the multiple episode-long battles have been slowed down.

Seeing the resurrected warlord Frieza journey to Earth to take his revenge on those who defeated him (namely Goku), the Z fighters gather to face him, attempting to buy time before Goku and Vegeta arrive back from their sojurn training with the god-like Whis.

For Dragon Ball fans, it’s more of the same on a bigger scale. For the most this works (even if the CGI feels slightly jarring), with the battles retaining their frenetic style, even if the ending is never really in any doubt. Then again, that’s not why you watch it; it’s always a case of seeing just how bad things can get for the good guys before it is all put right again.

But it’s hard to shake the feeling that this is filler. Nothing of consequence happens, and for Frieza’s formidable reputation, his return is an anti climax. Still, fans will undoubtedly find a lot to enjoy here.