Doctor Who ‘The Day Of The Moon’ bullet point review

A series of cynical, mean-spirited asides on Season Six so far

  • The Silence’s puckered sphincter mouth was nowhere near as nauseating as River Song kissing the Doctor. I literally didn’t know which direction to be sick in
  • People need to stop writing the Doctor as if he’s a child, he’s over 900 years old and has definitely had a family. He’s a wandering mystic with a sense of wonder, not an infant, he’s not going to be flustered by a kiss. At least I think he was flustered, the TV was covered in sick by that point and he could have been playing the oboe for all I know
  • How out of character of it is for the Doctor’s great solution to be coercing humanity into slaughtering an alien race on sight?
  • Considering people were unable to remember them, rather a lot of characters in the previous season had been banging on about the Silence and the threat they presented
  • If the Silence were basically guiding human evolution for the purposes of doing something on the moon, it’s not exactly an immediate threat that needs resolving is it?
  • And aside from killing a woman in a toilet and doing, er, something involving a mystery child, what exactly was it about them that required genocidal slaughter?
  • The jump forward in time at the beginning of the episode cheats you out of any narrative resolution to The Impossible Astronaut’s cliffhanger
  • Rory’s insecurity is more than a little played out at this point, dude waited for centuries as a plastic Roman murderbot to be reunited with her – he should be infinitely more self-assured and capable
  • The X-Files-style atmosphere was amazingly effective in parts, and then completely undermined by comedy gurning sequences with Richard Nixon
  • The meta-plot elements are nice and firmly established and there’s some juicy mysterious out there, in that respect it feels stronger than mere cracks in walls

Bonus Feature:

  • Good grief, a timely summer blockbuster pirate episode? Will they be going to wizard school too?