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Clash Of The Titans DVD review

Sam Worthington stars in Louis Leterrier’s remake.

Clash of the TitansClash Of The Titans is about as flimsy as a blockbuster gets. It’s Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen flimsy. Although, at this point, it will probably be remembered as the movie that was absolutely ruined by a post-shoot 3D rendering fluff job, to cash in on Avatar fever, but the Louis Leterrier-directed picture is equally as worthless when taken on its own terms as well.

After Zeus (Liam Neeson) orders Hades (Ralph Fiennes) to teach mankind for its lack of respect towards Olympus, the dreaded Kraken is unleashed upon them, with demigod Perseus being the only one able to stop them. Visual spectacle is something that Clash Of The Titans has on its side, and while the art direction isn’t as explosively creative as we’d have liked (it sometimes borders on pedestrian, actually), the Cloverfield monster-esque Kraken is undeniably a treat. Of course, if you stripped away the effects from Clash Of The Titans, you’d be left with a series of nothing scenes that all feel like they’ve been lifted from other, derivative blockbusters.

To add to the anguish, every cast member appears to be overacting, aside from Sam Worthington, who instead went the other way. Neeson and Fiennes assume shouting makes them more Olympian. It’s Hollywood trash, through and through, one-dimensional to the point of disdain. A lot of money has been thrown at Clash Of The Titans, but unimaginative direction has stripped this story of its appeal. We have a Medusa that isn’t remotely scary, a terribly cheesy origin story and a ‘training’ scene that is one power ballad away from being an Eighties movie montage. Something that cost this much money to make shouldn’t leave us so cold.

Frankly, you’re better off playing God Of War III on the PS3, where you’d at least get to batter the gods yourself. Clash Of The Titans is like watching a series of cut-scenes from a videogame, with all the stilted acting, overwrought spectacle and exposition to match. Sadly, a sequel is on the way, too. Apparently Louis Leterrier is only producing the second Clash Of The Titans movie – why make it rubbish yourself when someone else can do it for you? Ah, Hollywood.

Movie: 2/5