Agents Of SHIELD S02E02 ‘Heavy Is The Head’ review

Here’s what we thought of the new episode. WARNING: SPOILERS

The second episode of the season is rarely better than the premiere and Heavy Is The Head is no exception, but it still packs a couple of punches. The hunt for Creel is continues, some stuff gets shot up, members of the team keep secrets from other members of the team and there are a few more awesome fight sequences.

There’s no messing around on S.H.I.E.L.D. time as episode two picks right up where it left off last week with the car crash, smoke and blood. Agent Hartley and Idaho are quickly confirmed to be dead, but Lance Hunter is still trapped in the wreckage. From there, most of the storyline revolves around Hunter, and we never quite know what his motives are or where his loyalties lie. We make acquaintances and get to know him quite a bit more, which is nice as it looks like he’s going to be sticking around the Bus for a while.

The whole Fitz Struggling with Communication character arc kicks it up a notch too. Iain De Caestecker is wonderful and heartbreaking as the team’s resident engineering whiz kid. Fitz still becomes agitated and impatient when people try to finish his sentences, but his confidence and self-worth take a bigger downwards dip as he starts to question why he’s still on the team at all. Luckily, Mack, the other new kid on the Bus, tries to help him out when Fitz gets even more worked up over a cloaking device, creating a partnership that would be interesting to watch develop.

Just when it starts to get a bit too heavy for episode two (which is often), the tension is always defused by a science-y but sweet conversation between Fitzsimmons, which has been their specialty since Season One. Simmons throwing around phrases like ‘willy nilly’ in a top secret laboratory is the reason lovely things like kittens and sunsets exist. But as if to stamp on even more hearts, Fitz begins to catch on to the fact that the Simmons he’s been talking to and seeking comfort in over the last few weeks only exists inside his head.

Skye is also feeling the ‘nobody tells me nothing’ blues this week. As per usual, the higher powers – in this case, Coulson and May – are keeping things from her and she wants to know what’s up. The ‘things’ in question involve Coulson, the Oberlisk, a sharp knife and a blank wall.

As Agents Of SHIELD always likes to round things off with a little bit of juicy mystery, the Girl in the Flower Dress Raina made a return, and this time she brought a friend. The identity of the friend in question resulted in one of those weekly ‘OH HELL NO’ moments, and will hopefully be revisited later in the series. (If it’s not, many people will be bitterly disappointed).