Agent Carter Season 2 episode 7 review: ‘Monsters’

Here’s what we thought of Season 2 episode 7, ‘Monsters’

Season 2 of Agent Carter is in full swing this week, as alliances are made and broken in episode 7, ‘Monsters‘. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), Mr Jarvis (James D’Arcy) and the rest of the team get into yet more hot water when their enemies start digging. In an attempt to get back the Roxxon bombs they stole a couple of episodes ago, Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) starts playing even dirtier than usual, using her Zero Matter powers to interrogate and scheme. Ken Marino also comes back as Joseph Manfredi, so ‘yay!’ at that.

Even though ‘Monsters‘ is very heavy on the action side of things, it also takes time to develop the characters and incorporate feelings and emotions into the proceedings. New friendships form, and it’s lovely. Ana Jarvis (Lotte Verbeek) and Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin) start spending a lot more time together, what with Wilkes not possessing enough mass to build himself a containment chamber and restore his physical form. Being the absolute dear that she is, Ana is more than happy to follow instructions and be Wilkes hands until he he’s solid enough to pick up a screwdriver by himself. So far, Ana hasn’t really had much substance. She hardly ever had her own plots; she doesn’t even act as a tool to move the story along. But she’s still been a great addition to the season. She’s funny, sweet and extremely likeable, and is often the ray of sunshine that cuts through all the evil stuff that goes down elsewhere every episode.

Speaking of evil stuff, ‘Monsters‘ also gives a better look into the mind of Whitney Frost than we’ve had before. It was obvious that she’s drunk on power and clearly out of her mind when she killed her own husband after he betrayed her in last week’s episode, but this week she’s actually started to become quite terrifying. ‘Monsters‘ brings the season’s two most wicked player together when Frost attempts to interrogate Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan), and the latter actually comes out of it worse for wear. Which is saying something. Dottie’s usually hardcore. Frost has really upped her game since episode 1, and we’re already excited for the finale in three episodes’ time to find out her master plan.

Monsters‘ also shows us a slightly new side to Peggy and Mr Jarvis’ partnership when the pair has a little heart-to-heart in the car at the side of the road. It’s very unlike both of them to willingly discuss their feelings about things (or, in this case, Peggy’s feelings) as opposed to the task at hand. Unfortunately, their discussion is about a bloody love triangle. Just stop, Agent Carter. Stop trying to make us care about Daniel Sousa when we want to be watching Peggy get up to awesome spy stuff. If she has to get it on with someone, it should be with Wilkes, but Sousa? No. We won’t allow it. Stop this madness right now.