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Agent Carter Season 2 episode 6 review: ‘Life Of The Party’

Find out what we thought of episode 6, ‘Life Of The Party’

After all the fun we had with Soviet-trained assassin Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) in Agent Carter’s Season 2 premiere, we were starting to wonder when she’d finally stroll back in. As if in answer to our deepest and sincerest prayers, the show finally brought her back for ‘Life Of The Party’, and had her work with Peggy (Hayley Atwell) and co. for an undercover mission.

The team find themselves in need of more Zero Matter to materialize Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin) long enough for him to build himself a containment chamber, but the only way to get their hands on the dastardly stuff is to get their hands on Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett). To do that, they need to sneak into a charity event and corner her when she’s off her guard. As if the plan wasn’t complicated enough, Peggy’s still injured from last week but doesn’t have a fully trained agent to hand. She’ll need to call in the cavalry. In a very strange turn of events, that cavalry ends up being Dottie Underwood.

Subsequent to the events of Agent Carter Season 1, ‘Peggy and Dottie team up for a mission’ sounds like a terrible episode pitch and, frankly, lazy writing. But the way it’s done for ‘Life Of The Party’, and the circumstances under which the partnership is required, is actually pretty brilliant. With Dottie out in the field and Peggy barking threats and instructions at her through an earpiece, anything could happen. Obviously Peggy has her nemesis under control – she’s not an idiot – but Dottie is so unpredictable (and so entertaining) that it could all go tits up in ten seconds flat.

Of course, Dottie isn’t trusted to go out alone. She needs partner, one that won’t be positively ID’d by Council members, and who better to send out not-properly-supervised and completely unarmed than Mr Jarvis (James D’Arcy)? His eager but sort of useless blundering Englishman persona gets played up to the max this episode, but it’s bloody hilarious. As always, Agent Carter’s fine balance of spy drama and comedy remains perfect.

Now that we’re officially more than half way through, the drama will hopefully pick up a bit before the season (and maybe series?) finale. At the moment, Agent Carter’s levels of goofiness well exceed its levels of peril, but that’s sure to change as we get closer to the heart of the mystery.