Zero Hour debuts in its entirety on iTunes in the UK

See the Zero Hour Season 1 finale before it airs in the US, via UK iTunes

Not to be confused with the baffling DC Comics mega-event of the same name, ABC’s Zero Hour, created by Prison Break’s Paul Scheuring and starring original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo lead Michael Nyqvist and Zodiac‘s Anthony Edwards, is a tense conspiracy thriller currently on its fourth episode in the US.

There’s no British broadcaster, but instead the whole 13-episode series is now available on iTunes in the UK, allowing British viewers to see the finale well before it airs in the States!

Zero Hour follows Hank Galliston (Michael Nyqvist), the publisher of Modern Skeptic Magazine, and a professional debunker of myths, but when his wife, Laila (Jacinda Barrett), is abducted from her antique shop, Hank becomes embroiled in some serious Dan Brown stuff that stretches back centuries when he discovers a treasure map in one of his wife’s clocks…

All 13 episodes of Zero Hour are available now on iTunes for £19.99, or £2.99 an episode.