You could name the bad guy in Mark Millar’s Super Crooks comic

Kick Ass creator Mark Millar opens the bidding to name the villain in his new series Super Crooks, money goes to Millar’s old primary school St Bartholomew’s – your money could save Christmas!

Super Crooks auction

Super Crooks auction
Super Crooks issue 1, by Mark Millar and Lenil Yu, went on sale last week

Mark Millar and Lenil Yu followed up their excellent collaboration on Superior, with the equally bold Super Crooks, which launched last week from Marvel’s Icon imprint and Millarwold – and like previous projects, Millar is auctioning off the privilege of naming the book’s big bad.

Kick Ass, Nemesis, Superior and The Secret Service collectively raised over $30,000, and this is an incredible opportunity for comic-book diehards to contributew to genre history.

“We’ve put the money to various causes in the past,” explained Millar, “but The Secret Service auction was very special for me because the cash late last year paid for all the kids at my old primary school to go to the theatre and see a Christmas pantomime.

“There were over 160 kids and staff bussed from the pretty modest area where I grew up into the city and for a lot of the kids it was the only time they’ve ever been in a theatre before. We had some money left over and were able to buy them all some drinks and chocolate treats too (which they loved) and this made me realise we could get a little thing going for them EVERY Christmas.”

Fancy immortalising your own name in comic-book lore? Fancy saving Christmas for all the wee Millars at St Barholomew’s Primary SchoolBid on the ebay auction and you could be seeing your namesake played by Zac Efron (probably not) when the inevitable movie rolls around!