You can help unlock the Iron Man 3 trailer (probably)

You could unlock something Iron Man 3 related, could it be the first teaser trailer?

Iron Man 3 trailer

Iron Man 3 trailer
Could this unlock the Iron Man 3 trailer?

Rumour has it we’re due an Iron Man 3 trailer any day now, and by suspicious coincidence people who ‘like’ the Iron Man 3 Facebook page and “charge up the reactor” will be rewarded with something pretty special.

The blurb reads, “Tony Stark IS Iron Man! To re-energize Tony’s Arc reactor, ‘Like’ the official Iron Man Facebook page. Every ‘Like’ recharges Tony’s power supply. Once the Arc reactor reaches maximum capacity, you’ll be the first to see a special sneak preview of Marvel’s Iron Man 3.

It could totally be nothing major but I don’t think any of us can risk not getting involved if this is the case, so check out the Iron Man 3 Facebook page and let’s see if we can unlock that trailer (if it is a trailer)!